Presented by Garret Pond Resources

Friday, March 8th at 12:00pm
(All Fish Must Be Pre-Ordered)

5-7 Inch Channel Catfish
$0.50 Each

2-3 Inch Bluegill
$0.40 each

3-4 Inch Bluegill
$0.60 each

2-3 Inch Hybrid Bream
$0.40 each

2-3 Inch Shellcracker
$0.40 each

8-10 Inch Triploid Grass Card
$8.50 each

10-12 Inch Triploid Grass Carp
$10.00 each

To place an order or ask about stocking rates and recommendations, stop by
Athens Seed, Lawn, & Garden, or Call (478) 636-9003

Truck will be at Athens Seed for 1 hour at 12:00pm on March 7th. All fish must be pre-ordered.